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"My goal is to make my clients` lives better"
Training Unity

What I do

I used to have severe lower back problems in my 20s, mainly because of lack of movement, sedentary lifestyle and generally not taking care of myself. I’m coming from a martial arts background however I had never taught how to work on mobility, movement and strength at that time. In training all I was doing for many years is push ups, squats, lunges and of course sparing and formal exercises of karate. I have never been taught how to maintain that physical condition in order to keep up with the demands of sport. So I ended up with a broken body and eventually stopped training.

Fast forward a few years, I started to use Ultimate Sandbags because it was something `cool` and wanted to work on my fitness and I didn’t have too much space. So, I used it at home and I could do so much with only one Sandbag that I never got bored.
Later when I got qualified as a Personal Trainer I discovered how much value is in this fascinating tool and DVRT education. Personally I learned way more through DVRT educational programs than through the regular Personal Training qualification. Especially learned a lot about how the body actually works and most importantly how to apply this knowledge to my clients so that they can progress step by step and be successful in their training program while they also enjoy themselves.

My goal is to make my clients` lives better regardless of what is important for them (hiking, golf, tennis or spending time with family etc.) so I created The 4 Pillars of Unity, a blueprint to guide them (you) towards a better version of themselves.