I have injuries,
I have back pain,
I have shoulder problems,
I have joint aches etc

I want to get fit,
I want to lose weight,
I want to gain strength,
I want to gain muscles etc

Do you want to get Stronger and Fitter?

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Success Stories

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    'You helped me strengthen my back to reduce pain and abs after separation post partum, I feel fitter, stronger, deeper understanding of movements/muscles and I am more enthusiastic in general.'

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    'A big thank you for all that you have helped me achieve over the past three years ... bearing in mind I was only coming to train with you for six months, that in itself shows you how much I enjoy what you do.'

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    'Helped me to focus on my goals. Introduced discipline into my training Supported me with appropriate exercises for hip mobility.'

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    'I feel stronger in my arms and legs and more toned. Less stiffness in my lower back the next day after training. More stamina and energy. I just generally feel I have so much more energy and could do longer training sessions.'

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    Greg spends a lot of time in understanding my capabilities, weaknesses, and how to keep me on the cliff edge to make me get the best out of each session.

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    You were encouraging even when I had melt downs you took your time and were kind but also didn’t give in or give up on me for which I am very grateful.

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    I feel like I am becoming a more rounded athlete with this training and look forward to bringing this progress into a competitive sport.
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    You have been wonderful with every aspect of my training especially helping with my injuries.

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    Greg listened and understood what I wanted to achieve from training. He understood how to work with my injuries and worked with me on accountability, consistency and commitment to training, diet and lifestyle. His patience, determination not just to personal training but holistic approach to helping me achieve the end-result was all encompassing and achieved the desired results.

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    I was worried that I wasn't going to able to keep it going due to motivation issues and diet. The complete solution really helped and kept me going. It calmed my fears about diet, as well as the exercise regime. I am less concerned about diet now and as a result I'm loosing weight.
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    What was so great was that you understood exactly what I needed, and you realised very early on how to motivate me and push me to achieve my goals.
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    I have been training with Greg for over a year now and I have never felt fitter. More than that, I no longer suffer the niggling repetitive injuries I used to when I used to train in the gym alone.
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    I'm pleased to say no further "back / sciatica " problems. I feel stronger, healthier, and more flexible in my old age! Also to thank you personally for your attention to detail, in helping me with my training.
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    He was able to listen and more importantly interpret my goals which were really about developing strength and optimising my health. He has a wealth of knowledge that he never forces but always on hand with helpful guidance and suggestions if asked.