I used to have lower back problems despite the fact that I was competing in karate at international level. The sad truth is that training hard doesn’t necessarily mean bulletproof body in terms of preventing injuries.
Luckily we live in a different day and age now and loads of information available online. However it’s hard to decide whom to listening to when it comes to health and fitness. I totally understand that as I always question everything that I try and do.
The reality is that the fitness industry is really young compare to other professions.
The reason why I do what I do because I truly believe in it and I have tried a lot of different training methods and this is the one that works for me personally and I can see significant changes in a short amount of time in my clients training too.
Being a fitness coach makes me more aware of my own health issues and gives me more understanding how the body actually works so I can have better answers to health related questions. That’s why I keep investing in my own development and seek out help from more experienced coaches and mentors.
When it comes to lower backs it is a funny thing because you can find all sorts of different methods that work. Most of them do work. Some might say any exercise is better than no exercise. That is true. I love this saying though: ` The more is not better, the better is better`. That being said I keep question everything that I do in my own training and coaching my clients too and that’s why I stick to the same system. Not because this is something new and cool. Rather it solved my own lower back problems.

The whole system has been developed by a strength and conditioning coach and his wife who’s a physical therapist and both of them had some serious injuries so they had to look for outside the box and find better solutions for their own problems. Their story is so powerful because they developed a whole series of exercises with a unique tool that serves pretty much everyone from a regular person to top athletes. The reason for this is because everyone’s body work the same way so the solution has to be the same too.

If you have ever had physio therapy you may have come across these exercises. Except that they are now enhanced to a whole new level. Muscles don’t work own their own, they work in harmony with other muscles groups and functional training targets at improving these natural patterns of human motion. So the exercises are:

  • Deadbug: Fantastic exercise for stabilizing the core and lumbar spine. Using an Ultimate Sandbag takes this exercise to a different level. The handles of the sandbag serve great purpose. Not just to work harder (actually a light weight goes along way here) but to make better connection in the body.


  • Bird Dog: A classic pilates exercise spiced up with an Ultimate Sandbag and a mini resistance band to connect the body better. It all comes down to the small details like using the ground and the handles of the sandbag to create tension in the body and maintaining neutral spine while keeping the core tight as the legs and arms move. It looks rather simple. Believe me, it’s not.


  • Glute Bridge: Working on muscle connections better gives you better results. It’s not just raising the hips but rather using the feet to push into the ground and working on the lats at the same time to create core stability. Moving the sandbag over the head makes the legs work even harder. Working on the glutes means using all three of them. Most glute problems that people tend to have are related to the medius and minimus.


  • Side Plank: One of the main reasons people hurt their lower back is because they have a hard time keeping their trunk stable while they move and lift. These simple side plank variations keep those stabilizer muscles (QL, Adductors, Glutes Medius) engaged to support the Pelvis, SI Joint and the spine.


So working on core stability and make those muscle connections better is the key of low back resiliency. If you want to find out more how this revolutionary training can solve your lower back issue and make you stronger just click the link below to book in for a free 60 minutes Personal Training session in Marlow.
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