Together We’re Stronger

Solution Based Approach



People need to have a clear and concise approach to health and fitness where the ultimate goal is longevity as opposed to quick fixes. Not a one size fits program, rather identifying individual needs.



Social support is rated #1 factor in weight loss and physical transformation. As the above research shows people turn up primarily because of others. If community meets good atmosphere and accountability, then it’s a recipe for success.



Education on how the body works is crucial for personal trainers who spend more time with clients than physiotherapists. However, to serve local communities better fitness professionals and physiotherapists should work together on prevention and provide a solution based program where the goal is longevity of the clients.

That's why we have created
Training Unity

That’s why we created Training Unity because we deliver these principles to our clients and we help them to get more empowered, give them all the tools for success. Be it simple nutrition advice, individual coaching with accountability, give them social support and a community that helps them to reach their goals.


What we will do to deliver coaching in Marlow & Maidenhead

– Teach a simple and proven step by step formula to people to improve their health and fitness.
– Help people to set realistic goals and create a plan that helps them to achieve that.
– Show how to create small and lasting lifestyle changes without dieting and crazy restrictions.
– Educate people to aim for longevity and the joy of both physical and mental resilience.
– Provide accountability support that dramatically increases their chances of adhering to these changes.

Why coaching is important to get stronger and injury resilient?

Being coached is like a shortcut to success. It saves people a lot of time, effort and money that otherwise would have been wasted on continuing working things out on their own.

Coaching provides a reassurance of continuous support and guidance along the way and not just when things go smooth.

Accountability is the biggest and most important factor of success. Study shows that there is a 65% chance of success by having accountability with 1 person.

Our programs are designed to meet clients where they currently are as opposed to fitting them into a box. Our main training method is a healthy combination of strength training and corrective exercises that improves movement accuracy, mobility, stability and helps to build a strong and resilient body that endures the demand of real life whilst people are enjoy themselves.


What we will do to Provide community in Marlow & Maidenhead

– Deliver fun and effective training programs that help people to transform their lives both physically and mentally.
– Bringing people together with events both inside and outside of the gym to create a supporting community and tackle MSK conditions with a long term solution.
– Support, connect and collaborate with complementary local businesses.

Why community is important to get stronger and injury resilient?

Community creates a sense of belonging and human connection which is vital for emotional and physical health. Several studies have shown that people who have satisfying relationships are happier and have fewer health problems and live longer.

Community provides a welcoming environment where people can support each others and have a higher purpose. This promotes a more positive and supportive behavior towards others, not just in the gym but outside, in other areas of life.

Communities are vital for boosting employment and skills, this creates a ripple effect that improves the wider economy.


What we will do to Provide education in Marlow & Maidenhead

– Deliver our unique training approach that bridges the gap between strength training and physiotherapy. The Dynamic Variable Resistance Training program has become the choice of many top fitness professionals, therapists and athletes in over 80 countries and it’s used in the US Marines, Army, Police and Fire Departments amongst many others.

– We provide educational programs and fitness certifications to personal trainers and therapists nationwide to achieve better movement, injury resilience and improved performance.

– Most importantly this training approach is for everyone no matter where they are in their fitness journey as it brings strength to life and meets people where they are.

Why education is important to get stronger and injury resilient?

We believe in delivering a high standard of education to our trainers to serve our clients and local community better. We pride ourselves in corrective exercises and providing straight forward functional fitness solutions to improve strength, mobility and movement.

We don’t want to keep our ‘secret’ to ourselves, that’s why we get involve in fitness education to impact many more people nationwide and not just our own local community.

We believe in being part of the solution and creating lasting changes to overcome MSK conditions by increasing physical activity accompanied with good lifestyle choices for greater longevity.


Together We’re Stronger