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Our Mission

Training Unity provides a solution based approach

1. Coaching
People need to have a clear and concise approach where the ultimate goal is longevity as opposed to quick fixes.

Not a one size fits program, rather identifying individual needs.

2. Community
Social support is rated #1 factor in weight loss and physical transformation. People turn up primarily because of others.

When a community meets a good atmosphere and accountability then it’s a recipe for success.

3. Education
We believe in being part of the solution and creating lasting changes to overcome musculoskeletal conditions.
Hence why we get involved in fitness education to impact many more people nationwide and not just our own local community.

Find out more about our mission by downloading our Manifesto pdf in the footer section or click here!

Our coaches

Greg Perlaki

Greg is the founder of Training Unity and specialized in functional training with 10 years of experience. He worked in one of Britain’s prestigious gyms, Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre where he trained hundreds of clients to improve their strength, mobility and conditioning. He learned from the best coaches in the industry and invested multiple £10000 in his education and travelled to the United States to learn the Dynamic Variable Resistance Training from the creators of the training system. He fell in love with the variety of this training and its solution based approach. DVRT solved his lower back issues and helped him to build a superior conditioning and most importantly it forever changed how he look at fitness and training in general. During the pandemic he opened his own private gym in Cookham Dean and completely restructured his practice to do Semi-Private training where people train in small groups which helped to bring the local community together.

Milan Velczenbach

Being on a fitness and lifestyle optimization journey for many years, Milan offers a wide variety of training services for anyone who wants to improve their strength, stamina and energy levels. His experience as an obstacle endurance athlete and a strength coach helps clients to take their training to the next level. His support and enthusiasm is second to none.

Nora Perlaki

Nora has many years of experience working in both hospitality and customer service. She supports the gym and all its clients with operational and administrative tasks making sure that everyone is being looked after.

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