How Do You Prepare For A Good Night Sleep?


It is really a combination of a few things.
Firstly, the more you expose yourself with natural light/sunlight the better you going to sleep?

Ever noticed when you’re on holiday you sleep better?
For instance you would much more tired physically in a good way…
Picture yourself being in a nice sunny location and you move quite a lot and you’re also outdoors
soaking up some good vitamin D. By the evening you will be become tired.
After dinner and sitting outside for a little more you will be ready for the best night sleep.

Several studies show how the amount of daily sunlight effects good night sleep.
So even if you’re not on holiday just set yourself some time to sit or go outside during the day.
If you can first thing in the morning is even better.

This ‘light thing’ comes back in a different way in the evening.
If you’re anything like me you would love to spend some social time on your phone.
Limiting screen time right before bed is a great idea to help to calm down and more importantly not trigger any wakefulness through blue light of the screen.

In a nutshell these are the main things that are important for a good night sleep!!!!

->>>Morning Sunlight Exposure
->>>More Natural Light During The Day (even if it’s sitting close to a large window)
->>>Movement (any form of exercise, physical activity)
->>>Cut Off Caffeine at 12pm
->>>Eat Regular Dinner Time (3-4 hours before bed)
->>>Set Room Temperature Cold (16-18 °C )
->>>Blue Light Cut Off 1 Hour Before Bed

There is a lot more into this and I would love for you to think about what are those areas that maybe you can improve.
Mine is definitely the bloody screen before bed!

What about you???




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