I started to take cold showers 3 years ago and ever since it’s part of my daily routine especially in the morning. I feel amazing after, much more focused and alert. It’s a great way to start my days, however it’s really effective in the evening before bedtime too, especially on a hot, humid summer day.

1) Cold showers build strong willpower – it takes a lot of mental strength do it first thing in the morning, however it helps to overcome any difficulties you may have throughout the day
2) Cold showers reduce stress and increase alertness – increased oxygen intake and heart rate means natural dose of energy
3) They’ll improve your hair, skin
4) Stimulate weight loss – cold shower activates brown fat that results in increased energy and calories burn to keep your body warm.
5) Increase testosterone and boost fertility
6) Improve Circulation – great for your overall cardiovascular health
7) Improve Immunity – cold showers increase the disease fighting white blood cells
8) Speed up Muscle Recovery – improve circulation will remove some lactic acid
9) Relieve Depression
10) They wake you up and put you to sleep


Talk to you next time.

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