Is Coffee Good For You?


It depends.
and that’s always a good answer in fitness circles
as it really depends on the circumstances.
However I’d strictly like to look at coffee and caffeine today
from a day/sleep optimization point of view.

As a coffee lover I can tell you from experience it could be very addictive
and I love the buzz and the so called alertness that comes with it.
Now, if that turns into a jittery shaking type of ‘sensation’ it’s not that nice…
It’s not enough to limit caffeine intake but also keep in mind proper hydration
and the timing of those caffeinated drinks.

So short and sweet, basically starting the day with coffee is not ideal in terms of hydration
and even more importantly how caffeine effects cortisol levels.
Basically, cortisol rises different times of the day
and for most people look like this

Cortisol peaks at:


The reason this is important because cortisol is like a stress hormone
and when we combine stress with more stress (caffeine) that’s not ideal
plus if you time your caffeinated drink well you can create
the desired effect without the jittery.

Avoiding those cortisol peak times the best time to consume your favorite coffee/tea
is around 9:30-11:30am

The cut off time should be around 2pm, however if you can,
try to limit caffeine for the morning hours
as it says in the body for up to 12 hours.

Some people are more sensitive to caffeine than others
and you should probably know how much you can tolerate.
Even decaf teas and coffees consist some/minimal caffeine

So if you enjoy a cuppa then aim for drinking it in the morning hours to optimize sleep for later and not disrupt any hormonal regulation.



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