DVRT - Not just a bag of sand

"DVRT system and the Ultimate Sandbag is for everyone
no matter where you are in your fitness journey"
As I mentioned before I started using Ultimate Sandbags because it was something cool however the more I learned the more I realized that this is much more than just a bag of sand. This is a very thoughtful and structured program which is based on how we humans perform in real life, outside of the gym and not in the gym.
The Ultimate Sandbag and DVRT (Dynamic Variable Resistance Training) truly elevates people`s lives. As the creator of this system Josh Henkin says the Ultimate Sandbag is the hardware and DVRT is the software for better solution.
Let’s face it, you aren’t here for a fitness sandbag. You don’t need more equipment, you demand better solutions. The Ultimate Sandbag was designed to be just that! The most efficient, effective, challenging, and fun way to unlock your potential for better movement, fitness, and well-being. How do we know? Because Ultimate Sandbag Training wasn’t designed in some corporate board room. No! The Ultimate Sandbag was created by Strength Coach, Josh Henkin, and Physical Therapist, Jessica Bento. Not just so they could work out harder, but so that they could make REAL change. Both had suffered from athletic careers that left them battered, hurting, and unable to be the role models for their clients and patients they had hoped. Frustrated that other programs and methods weren’t delivering on their lofty promises they looked outside of the typical therapy and fitness ideas. Instead of looking at just exercises, they examined life. How people moved, how they lived, and how they faced the demands of every part of their life. It became obvious that standard weight and gym practices weren’t cutting it.

“Good enough” shouldn’t be in your vocabulary of fitness or better living, that is just settling.
DVRT is an educational system with a tool: 2005 was the beginning of a revolution.
The Ultimate Sandbag and Dynamic Variable Resistance Training System (DVRT™) were born. For the first time, a training tool and program weren’t created for better training in the gym, but rather for elevating what people did in life and sport….the REAL world! Over a decade later, while others try to create “sandbags”, we continue to dedicate ourselves to innovation of movement and fitness.
The Ultimate Sandbag Training is not just like any fitness tool or sandbag. That is because the Ultimate Sandbag Training is not made to be lifted, it is designed to be moved! Unlike anything else, Ultimate Sandbag Training is designed to match the natural movement of the body. Each intricate design feature is meant to make you feel better in each movement and give you almost unlimited potential in what can be created.
What this means is avoiding the typical aches and pains that most find during the training. Rather, you improve your flexibility, core strength, endurance, and real world strength, not in hours, but minutes. That isn’t an infomercial, but rather a guarantee!
The Ultimate Sandbag has become the tool and program of choice for top fitness professionals, therapists athletes all around the world and it’s used in the US Marines, Police, Army and Fire Departments. Most importantly the DVRT system and the Ultimate Sandbag is for everyone no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

The DVRT team in the USA with Greg Perlaki from Training Unity
Josh Henkin, Jessica Bento and Greg Perlaki