Bird Dog Bag Drag with Mini band

Bird Dog is a classic pilates exercise that is used for rehab and address core issues. It’s an effective movement that requires proper spinal alignment. I often say to my clients to imagine holding a glass of water on their backs. Adding a mini band allow firing up those glutes and working on muscle connections as one. ⠀ Instead of a glass of water I used a ball to do that slow bird dog. Because a bird dog cannot be slow enough…⠀

Lateral Bag Drag Sprinter Stretch

Core activation for warming up?
The great thing is with DVRT programming is that most of the so called `Core Exercises` can be used for different purposes like stand alone correctives, conditioning exercises or dynamic warm ups. This is true for all the classics like Bird Dogs, Deadbugs, Glute Bridges and of course the most popular Bag Drag. When it’s done right, it depends on the user/trainer how to use this powerful tool to get better results.⠀ This dynamic Lateral Bag Drag meant to activate the body’s natural chains, brace the core, open up the hips and provide greater thoracic mobility. What else do you need to get ready for working out?

Shinbox Get Up to Lunge w OH Press

What’s the one exercise that dramatically improves my clients lower back?
One thing is common with most people that have lower back issues that they’re almost always have tight hips and glutes. Sedentary lifestyle keeps us immobile and tight, especially at the hips. Let’s be honest, most fitness program don’t focus on hip mobility that’s why I’m thrilled when I see how my clients improve their mobility and lower backs in minutes. This is a more advanced variation for the Shinbox Get up, however this can be done body weight too. I would normally start with a hip extension bit first with a novice client then slowly progress them further as they improve.

Cossack Press Out Squat to Lunge Press out Halo to Arc Press

Using a combination of exercises like this not only improve flexibility, hip mobility but work on the core in such a complex way that affects the whole body in a positive way. The body recognizes movement patterns and not individual muscles. This is a more advanced combination of course, however it can be easily regressed to the needs of an individual using the DVRT system.⠀

Victoria's HK Arc Press and Cossack Squat

We’ve been using the Half Kneeling Arc Press with the Core Strap with a few clients and I must say that the feedback is great. Taking a great exercise to even a greater level with adding the extra resistance. It results in more control (Impossible to rush through) all the way through the movement, let those stabilizers to kick in. ⠀ Here’s Victoria working on this anti-rotational exercise along side with some cossack press out squats.⠀

Pete Press out and Lateral Step Rot Press

Working on Pete’s shoulder blades with the Half Kneeling Press Outs and using an additional resistance band attached to the USB to have more feedback and core engagement. As well as some #dvrt conditioning. Btw Pete has completed his first body weight pull up in age 60. (not in the video)⠀ Way to go…:)⠀

Tracy's Movie

Tracy is one of my most dedicated clients who has come a long way since we started tow work together. She came to me with back pain, tight hips and achy shoulder. We managed to address these issues and restore her natural range of movement which eliminated the pain. Using #dvrt principles to increase flexibility with strength training and fire up the connections between muscle groups with core activation. Following these principles our sessions contains high intensity blocks too, keeping mind that mobility and range of motion are priority. It allows us to work hard without compromising on the form. I’m so proud of her progress, she put a lot of effort in these sessions and hard work pays off.

Dave's Crossover Shovelling Golf Swing

I have been working with Dave for over a year now and he has come so far. He was recovering after a shoulder injury and hadn’t done much exercise. We were able to increase his mobility and flexibility while building muscle mass. Over a year he lost 15kg and feels better than ever. (his words not mine).⠀ Recently we’ve been working on more specific areas like improving his golf game and like always using #dvrt to tailor his routine to his needs.⠀

Dave Band Exercises

We love working on more precise movement with a resistance band alongside DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Fitness​’s Core Strap. Here’s Dave​ demonstrating a perfect Hip Hinge/Good Morning with that extra resistance providing better movement quality and he’s also doing a more advanced side plank variation with a Fly. ⠀

Shoulder Mobility

Unlock your tight shoulders with these simple resistance band exercises!

How to Develop Hip Mobility for the Get-up with Ultimate Sandbag Exercises

Hip mobility and strength is a key aspect of being able to achieve great strength with the turkish get-up. We can break down components of the get-up though to work on these ideas as well as reinforce the relationship of core strength and ground interaction. These simple looking Ultimate Sandbag exercises teach so much about functional fitness and provide a better ability to do the get-up you won’t want to miss it!

Taster Video