What to look out for and how to supplement cleverly.

I’d like to point out that supplements only work if your diet is on point,
meaning that you eat regularly, ideally at the same time and not over binge on take aways.
Having a dine out and a burger is fine of course, it’s all about the balance really.

The first thing I always look for is the ingredients. This is key.
I know that a lot of fitness professionals and nutritionists focus on macronutrients (protein/carbs/fat) and calories.
However the ingredients tell you everything that you need to know.
If there’s anything that you don’t know or sounds weird that’s most likely not really good for you.

I like to focus on earth grown nutrients in my diet and as well as in the supplements.
That’s why I use a vegan protein powder which is made from hemp and pea protein, flavored with natural ingredients like turmeric, acai berry, raw chocolate or vanilla and contains digestive enzymes too.

And there’s green supplements which are very effective and most people lack of eating enough green vegetables.
These are high concentrations of green superfoods that are full of vitamins, minerals to energize, boost and even protect your immune system.

If you would like to try the vegan protein powders or the green superfood mix then just click this link: http://vivolife.refr.cc/gergelyp and you will also receive £5.00 off from your first order.

I also use probiotics on a regular basis. There are different brands out there, look for higher potency products.
Did you know that 80% of our serotonins (happiness hormones) are in our guts. So we better protect them and take care of our gut.

I also recommend using fish oils and I prefer Krill Oils which are high potent fish oils with great omega 3 to 6 ratio.

Probably one of the most important supplements is vitamin D.
And it’s not because of the lack of sunshine that we need to deal with on a daily basis here in the UK.
Vitamin D fights disease like multiple sclerosis, heart disease or even regular flu.
It also reduces depression and boosts weight loss.

This is my essential list when it comes to supplements and again using common sense is the key really and finding the balance with your diet.

I hope this helps.

Have a great week and talk to you next time.

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