Get Stronger & Leaner!
Join the 21 Day Challenge

in Cookham Dean!

Do you want to be injury-free and feel better about yourself?

We’re looking for men and women over 40 
who want to get fitter & stronger.

Starting a new training program?

We understand all the hurdles that come in the way when it comes to restarting an exercise program:


People might get intimidated by starting another fitness program​


It’s a commitment both financially and emotionally to join​


We know that most people are busy on time and have to juggle kids, work, and life​

And just like all the other people who have done this program before – we will give you EVERYTHING we possibly can to help achieve your fitness goals.

An effective training program that is fun.

We provide an effective training program that is fun, varied,
and meets the individual levels of fitness including personalized nutritional support.

If you are wanting to...

feel more confident?

have more energy and motivation?

feel stronger?

be more consistent with your training and nutrition?

Then the 21-Day Challenge
is Going To Help You!

"Did you know that 21 Days are crucial for making lasting changes in any areas of life?"

The above statement is one of the reasons our Challenge is for 21 Days.

The other one is to get to know each other more, understand your unique situation and offer you the best possible exercise program tailored to your needs

During the 21-Day Challenge, you'll achieve:


Create goals that positively impact your life and put the right steps in place to reach them


Create sustainable daily habits that will help you to win even with busy family and business life


Have more energy and motivation to be excited about the future


Get stronger in crucial areas like core, hips and shoulders and be injury resilient whilst building muscle and endurance

Try this revolutionary training to increase
strength and mobility with our
21-Day Challenge program.

Our Small Group Sessions are completely tailored to the individual needs.
We will give you solutions and not just exercises.

What’s in the program:

Access to game-changing workout sessions led by our expert coaches at our local gym, so you know exactly what to do to get maximum results in the shortest time.

Personal nutrition plan (what to eat, when to eat, how to eat) based on your body, goals and preferences.

Workout plans for any situation – even if you’re traveling or have back problems.

Huge supportive community, so you’re never alone.

Expert coaching guidance all the way through.

Individual accountability coaching – when things get tough this will help to keep you on track.

AND much, much more....

Our clients say:

You have been wonderful with every aspect of my training especially helping with my injuries.


I feel so much better physically and mentally and noticing the difference in my physique and body. The sessions are really good fun and varied, something different each time and really enjoyable.


I have been training with Greg for over a year now and I have never felt fitter. More than that, I no longer suffer the niggling repetitive injuries I used to when I used to train in the gym alone.


About our unique gym in pictures.

What to do next?

If you’re truly ready to GET RESULTS like never before then now is the time to take action!

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