One exercise to save your lower back!

Lower Back Health

A lot of people came to me with lower back issues recently. So I feel like that this post is going to be really useful for most. 
Most of the times lower back problems are not really back issues. Although it hurts in the lower back or around that area however it is always a core stability problem. Core stability play a major role in developing healthy movement in the hips and shoulders. The more core strength we have the better and more stable our spine feels and the more `permission` our body gives to the hips and shoulders to move freely. 
The human body doesn’t work in isolation that’s why we need to look at the whole picture. The core and hips are really important part of how we move. Working on internal/external hip rotation alongside with activating the deep core stabilizer muscles is key for long term low back health. Find out more about the 4 most important core exercises to protect your lower back here.
Progression not Perfection
When somebody comes to me for advice or sign up working with me I always check how their hips are working regardless of the fitness goal.  I use this exercise with all my clients as part of their warm up routines. The best thing is that we can always add different layers onto the movement, so there’s no such a thing as `done` with an exercise. This is also something that I work personally on a daily basis. As somebody with lower back problem I feel like that without daily maintenance is not possible to live pain free life and enjoy ourselves. The following quote from Daniele Bolelli describes this best:
` Training is like sweeping the floor. Just because we’ve done it once, doesn’t mean the floor is clean forever. Every day the dust comes back. Every day we must sweep.`


How to do it
I like to start working from the top position of the Shinbox for those who have very little mobility in the hips. This is a great way to opening up the hips and activating the deep core stabilizer muscles that are connected to the hips and have direct correlation to our lower back health. Do not worry if you have no access to an Ultimate Sandbag. You can replicate the Arc Press (when pressing overhead) with two light kettlebells or even the Around The World with using one kettlebell.
I suggest going 3 seconds up and 3 seconds down when doing the Arc Press and put more emphasis extending the arms to get more core activation.
When performing the Around The World, aim to stay right behind the shoulder blades.


Shinbox Get Up: try not to use the hands here, if you need to, push off the floor to assist with the get up and control on the way down.⠀
Alternating 90-90: transition from one side to the other without the use of hands. Start slowly to build it up.⠀
Alternating Shinbox Get Up with Side Stretch: taking the previous one further and adding the Get Up with a side stretch. It’s still okay to do it with using the hands to get up if you need to. ⠀
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