New Year, New Me!

and how to simplify health and fitness goals.

As we’re approaching the new year with an ongoing uncertainty of what is going to happen after the 30th I’d like to invite you to simplify your fitness goals into three categories:


Anything from walking to light stretches and steady cardio activities to higher intensity training. Usually the less is more here, especially for those who are new to training or re-starting after a longer break. Our clients get more personalized program regularly to suit their needs and schedule.

-Clean eating

Remove processed food, avoid wheat, gluten and possibly dairy and introduce more locally grown/raised vegetables, lean protein that are also seasonal. I’m not encouraging restrictions, instead I would advocate eating single ingredient foods.

Timing of the meals are also important as a regular ‘structure’ helps to optimize internal functions through our ‘body clock’. Most people tend to overlook the importance of the latter. However that alone lead to better mood, improve cognitive functions, less stress, better sleep and improved fat loss. What more you can ask for the upcoming New Year?


Same timings comes back as the daily ‘structure’ helps to stay on top of personal and professional responsibilities. If you’re someone who has a very busy schedule I would definitely plan regular ‘downtime’ ahead. This is something that I’m going to prioritize for myself in the new year too.

You need better systems and not just another program.

If you’re someone who is looking for long term results and not just a quick fix

then our 21 Day Challenge is For You!

Good thing is that now you can do it online via Zoom. 

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