Are you fed up with aches and pains?

Do you want to get stronger, pain free and feel better about yourself?

Being in pain is one of the worst things that we can experience. I have been there personally when in my late 20s I suffered from lower back problems.The pain occupied my days and ruined a lot of things that I enjoyed doing.
Until I started to exercise and gained more knowledge about how the body actually works.
That’s why I’m so passionate about this dynamic resistance training that changed the way I look at fitness and how I train my clients. It’s like anything I’ve ever experienced before. This type of training match the body’s natural movement, very joint friendly and address the most problematic areas that most of us have in modern society.
Namely, the hips, core and shoulders. We do so that training is fun, challenging and effective and address your specific individual needs. On top of that you will get a full body workout that improve posture, boost metabolism and leave you re-energized.

Try this revolutionary training to increase
strength and mobility with our 21 day challenge program.

The sessions are completely tailored to match the individual needs.
We will give you solutions and not just exercises.
No guessing just doing the right thing for you.

Our clients say:

You have been wonderful with every aspect of my training especially helping with my injuries.


Greg spends a lot of time in understanding my capabilities, weaknesses, and how to keep me on the cliff edge to make me get the best out of each session.


I was worried that training would be too challenging. You adapted the level of exercises/techniques to suit my abilities – without it becoming too easy.