Personal Training is different in Marlow

‘How to get fit quickly’ scheme approached in a different manner

I’m in the gym waiting for someone and looking at the tele. BBC is on and they’re explaining how to get fit quickly. 
You need to follow a ‘reasonable’ diet, exercise for 3-4 times a week…. blah blah blah
Honestly, I don’t really believe in quick fixes or magic pills that suddenly make everything better. I’m sure some of these stuff work but do you get long-term results that are sustainable without any side effects? I know some people say ‘I just want to look good’ and don’t really care about the long run or how things affect their health. 
I’m not for these people and I’m completely fine with that
Someone said to me once ‘I just train hard so that I can enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer.’
The thing is I just feel much better about myself when I eat healthily. I follow a strict Paleo diet and the way I feel and perform on a daily basis is everything for me. 
15 years ago I couldn’t even imagine that I would eliminate a lot of food from my diet that I used to love. If you’re not aware of the mental fog or the tiredness that you have regularly, you may think that’s normal.

Let me tell you something. It’s not!

I know that change is a scary thing and you want the results. You want to feel better about yourself. And that’s the key really. Knowing that you have done something for yourself. That’s why quick fixes don’t work. It has to be earned not given.
The road to actually get there is where you get to know the real You.

This is part of their Personal Training plan

The way it works with my clients when it comes to nutrition is that I give them a personalised plan that normally is way out of their comfort zone. 
So what I usually advise is that we take small steps towards a better diet to improve the quality of their meals. This is part of their personal training plan.
Instead of freaking them out we start removing some of the bad stuff step by step. I also like to hold them accountable for their commitment. This way they’re not completely alone. I’ve realised that changing the way you eat is much harder than most think. Just think about how many times you eat a week compared to how many times you train on a weekly basis.

Different approach to Personal Training

When it comes to exercising I promote a different approach to Personal Training and group classes than what you find in most gyms in the UK.
The thing is that I tried so many things and this is what works for me the best. Most importantly it works for all my clients. 
When people come to me they want variety, they don’t want to get bored and to be honest most of the times they don’t know what to do. 
What I do is not only provide great variety and fun but actually, a structured training system that offers solutions for beginners to advanced people in a way that no other training regime does. This is not a typical weight lifting routine and probably the biggest benefit of doing this type of training is that it’s really friendly on the joints, yet still makes you stronger and injury resilient.

This is how we do things differently when it comes to Personal Training:

We start every session with dynamic mobility/warm-up exercises that are targeted to the individual. Whether they have any areas that are weaker or tight we start working on these first in a way that gives instant relief and gets you ready for the main part of the session.
60 minutes is actually not too long so I want to make sure that people get the most out of their money. This is why the DVRT system is fantastic. Instead of working on body parts or isolating muscle groups we always work on different movement patterns. This doesn’t mean easy work but instead of stepping out of the comfort zone and being really uncomfortable what I believe is stretching/expanding that comfort zone gradually. Using this training system allows me to build up these movement patterns gradually and make my clients succeed in a relatively short amount of time.
When they are getting used to these patterns we then slowly add more and more layers on top of these so that they are constantly improving and getting better while being challenged. My aim is to hit angles and positions that most people miss in the gym because there is too much focus on adding more weight and doing the same things over and over again.
As they improve we then add more intensity to these more and more complex movements. I believe in higher intensity workouts with adequate rest intervals. The rest is actually crucial here as well as the work ratio needs to be short, intense and challenging weight so that we actually earned that rest.
So boredom is out of the question here and most importantly you’re getting stronger, having fun and feel better about yourself.
The end of the sessions we usually do finishers. These can be different cardio exercises, body weight movements, core exercises and targeted to the individual needs.

My goal is to make my clients lives easier whether they have any injuries, want to lose weight and get stronger or have any specific goal/challenge that they want to work towards to.
If you want to experience this new way of personal training (either 1 to 1 or small group classes) just click the link below to book your free 60 minutes 1 to 1 session at Bisham Abbey, Marlow.
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