I want to share something personal with you. When I was a child I used to hate reading and I couldn’t sit down for more than 5 minutes.
So studying was a real struggle for me…

I could only pay attention to things that interested me.
To be honest this didn’t really change so much.

However in the last few years I made a commitment to read and study more.
I did that because I knew that there’s so much more potential in me.
So I decided that I invest in myself and started to read more about self-development,
philosophy, marketing, communication, religion and of course sport specific topics too.

Over the last 3-4 years I became much busier and I value my time even more.
So, I rarely have the time to actually sit down and read, however with technology now you can listen to audiobooks. I’ve always been an auditory learner, so this works for me well.
I can just listen some really interesting books while I’m driving (that’s my favorite really) or when I walk my dog or even during my stretch routine.

If you spend hours in the car or travel a lot, this is a huge opportunity to read/listen some books.

I use audible.co.uk which is probably the biggest audiobook library where you can download audiobooks to your smartphone for a very affordable monthly charge.
If you’re new to their site your first audiobook is free of charge.

Here are two of my favorite books:

This helped me a lot to plan and execute on a different level, this book is about self-discipline.
It’s written by Brian Tracy who is a motivational speaker and set-development author and narrated by himself.

http://www.audible.co.uk/pd/Health-Personal-Development/Money-and-the-Law-of-Attraction-Audiobook/B004F4AQHO –
This book is about mindset and it show you how to think about what you want in life not what you don’t want. It’s very interesting perspective, it helped me change the way I think.

Have a good read/listen!

Talk to you next time.

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