And Tips To Avoid Being Sucked Into Social Media…


How did this happen?

The world turned upside down with this technology.
I remember 6-7 years ago I bought my first iPhone
and immediately got hooked.

I’ve always been a listener
and I’ve loved all the podcasts and audiobooks ever since.
But of course there are much worse things you can find on your smart phone.

Ever been to Instangram?
Tik Tok is apparently really hot right now.
It’s quite a challenge to keep up.

Good thing is we don’t have to.
And I know that most of you’re from an era
where real conversations and parties were the way to go.

If you find yourself waking up to your phone and checking emails,
facebook, instagram and all of that.
Know, that this is not normal.

Here are a couple of tips to help you optimize your smart phone
and get better quality rest and better ‘phone/life balance’ :

->>>>Set bed time and reminder for every day of the week
->>>>Change your alarm tone to something less dramatic,
I used to have some mini heart attacks when the alarm went off
->>>>Minimize blue light: set night shift at a certain time of the day ( I like 7pm-7am)
->>>>Schedule some downtime screen free (walk, read, play, prepare for next day etc)
->>>>On an iPhone you can switch the background to black instead of white which makes the screen less contrasting
->>>>Disable notifications and set up do not disturb for the end of the day

It’s not the end of the world if you cannot read that email or message until the next morning or even better when you start working.



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