Core Exercises for Toned Abdominals!

Toned Abdominals

Summer is coming and I know that most people measure the level of fitness how shredded we are. Everyone likes nice toned abdominal muscles. It’s just simply appealing, and there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s why I decided to give you something that works for me and for most of my clients. As you will see it’s rather simple, however as everything it requires time, effort and being consistent both in training and in the kitchen too. If you missed last week’s blog about weight loss you can read it here.
Whole Body Movement
Whether you do any of my classes or train 1 to 1 with me, you probably noticed that I believe in balanced training approach. This means that we should focus on different movement patterns rather than individual muscles. When we do anything in life outside the gym, muscles don’t work individually. They perform together in chains to create movement (walking, squat, hip hinge, push, pull, rotation etc), so it makes sense to train them similar way. More on that and how a revolutionary core system changed the way I train people here.
This doesn’t mean not lifting heavy, in fact the more we age the more resistance training we need to be doing. It is well known that as we’re getting older we loose 3-5 % muscle mass in every decade. Doing some form of resistance training is really beneficial. However body building type of exercises and form of training is really outdated and not applicable for the general population. I still believe in hard work and resistance, to overcome
obstacles/difficulties in training. This directly translates into our every day life and keep not only our body fit but the mind sharp too. When exercising I like to keep the intensity high, working on different movement patterns rather than one particular area, lifting heavier 2-3 times a week, doing more cardio type of training (pure cardio or explosive movements) 2 or 3 times also. There are other elements of our routine like mobility, activation work, core exercises or finishers. Today we’re going to cover how to maximize core exercises when time and space is an issue or simply want to have toned abdominal muscles quickly.


When time and space is an issue
Being fit is about consistency and building small habits to stay on top of our game. We are all very busy with our lives and commitments (work, family etc), so that’s why I wanted to share something super simple with you. I have been using core sliders in my training for a while. They’re great enhancement of every routine. There’s so much you can do with them. What I share with you today is only a fracture of what you can actually do with these sliders/gliders.
What are they exactly? They called core sliders/gliders. Just type that in amazon and you can find so many different brands. I’m not going to recommend one but it’s really easy to find them online and you can start working on those toned abdominals right away.
Essentially one side of this piece of kit is sliding, the other side doesn’t. Best to use them on hard like wooden floor or carpets. It’s the perfect workout at home or hotels or when you are short on time. They can be used as finishers at the end of your workouts or as a standalone maybe first thing in the morning. Perhaps doing it other cardio type of exercises like skipping or body weight exercises.


How To Do It

Most of these exercises are plank based. Meaning that you need to be relatively good at planks. However you can start at any level and stick to the basic ones. Build them up, stay consistent and eventually try the more difficult ones too.
Start with 2-3 different exercises and rotate them like a circuit. Try to complete 3 rounds in total. Step by step you will get better and do more each time. There are 15 different exercises in 4 videos for you. You can just pick and choose. Some people will find some of them more difficult than other and that’s ok. Just do what you can. Find more ideas below how to apply them in your own routine for the desired toned abdominals.
  • Core finisher at the end
  • Standalone mini workout when short on time
  • Mix it with skipping, body weight exercises
  • Do 3-4 exercises for time (10-15 mins)
  • Go from the most difficult one to the least
  • Avoid fatigue, alternate between arm and leg movements
  • Go slow and focus on keeping the plank right 
  • Complete as many exercises you can without stopping

As you can see the options are endless. If you want to see results quickly, do them every day when you exercise or make a list what are you going to do exactly, stick to it and do them around 4 times a week. There’s still time to tightening up those abdominal muscles before the holidays.

If you need more help with training or nutrition or want to book your free 60 minutes 1 to 1 session at Bisham Abbey, Marlow (either 1 to 1 or small group classes) just leave a message at the bottom of this page.
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