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Is Sandbag Training really scary?

This post was inspired by a few people that I talked over the last couple of weeks. There was one thing common what they all said: Sandbag Personal Training is scary!
The truth is these people only saw me or some of my more experienced clients working out. There is a difference when you start a new exercise routine or been doing it for a while now. This is especially true when you are completely new to resistance training.
Looks like Bootcamp
I do understand their concern because what they see is all of these camouflage `army type` bags. Some people ask `Is this like Bootcamp?` Bootcamp is kind of a big thing in the UK. Bootcamps are all across the country. Most of them look like army training so it has to be hard, right!?
Exercise Solutions
What they don’t see however is the thoughtful system behind these bags. It’s all about giving smart exercise solutions to people through Personal Training. Solutions that correct posture, engage core muscles that supports the spine, prevent lower back pain. It’s pretty much what most of us have issues with.
From a trainer point of view this is a new way of functional training especially in the UK. Most gyms have Kettlebells and TRXs now and trainers/gym instructors know what to do with them. Many times I see however that people like to use these tools as dumbbells or barbells. This is not their fault, it’s the trainers’ responsibility to educate their clients/members how to use these great tools. DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is no different in this manner too. It’s meant to be used in a completely different way compare to traditional weight training. It’s very friendly on the joints and reproduce all the human movement patterns that we do in real life. DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is used in top fitness facilities all around the world and greatly appreciated as an educational system in the US. It’s used in the US Marines, Police, Army and Fire Departments. Most importantly the DVRT system and the Ultimate Sandbag is for everyone no matter where you are in your fitness journey. 
My clients don’t care about the educational system behind these sandbags they want solution for their problems, they want variety and have fun at the same time. So this is exactly what they get.

Superhero Training

With that said it’s no surprise why top coaches also choose DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training for training even celebrities like Ryan Reynolds who was preparing for the movie Deadpool 2 a week ago and after going through a bulking phase he needed to open up his body and working on his mobility.
He was wearing a 30 pounds weight vest and carried a 40 pounds Ultimate Sandbag while performing walking lunges. Just like one of my everyday heroes, Pete did in the bottom left picture. To check Ryan Reynolds doing walking lunges just click the link below.


Personal Training

Using a structured training system doesn’t mean rigid approach when it comes to choosing exercises for my clients needs. In fact, understanding and applying this great system allows me to give the right variations for the right need. This doesn’t mean we only use Sandbags. If there’s a better tool for the job then of course I pick that one. Often times though combining other fitness tools with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is the answer to not only pick the right tool for the job but actually enhance some of the exercises to create better results for my personal training clients.

My goal is to make my clients lives easier whether they have any injuries, want to lose weight and get stronger or have any specific goal/challenge that they want to work towards to.
If you want to learn how I turn everyday people into Superheroes through functional training (either 1 to 1 or small group classes) just click the link below to book your free 60 minutes 1 to 1 session at Bisham Abbey, Marlow.
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