The most important part of the day?


Is there such a thing?
It’s kind of like the most important meal of the day.
Which is the breakfast.
Not because of what you eat or how much, 
more like because that is the first bite of the day. 
That’s a different story actually for another time.
Back to the mornings.
Upon wakening the best thing to do is to immediately go outside
and have light/sun exposure.
I know we don’t have much of that in the UK,
however you can still get some natural light.
And whatever we have that is enough to kickstart that natural process of wakening within the body. 
A couple of deliberate breath can also go a long way of letting our respiratory system know that we’re ready for the day to stimulate wakefulness. A few extra stretches can also be helpful, I usually stretch my back and hamstrings for 2-3mins. 
And if the weather allow me I sit down outside onto a chair 
and directly expose myself to the sun/light and meditate 5mins.
5mins is crucial as I probably won’t have time for more
as I am busy preparing breakfast or starting working. 
Still follow me?
If you stick with me I will have a breakdown 
with bullet points for you to take away. 
This light exposure actually has an affect on sleep 
and how tired/ready we’re going to feel by the evening. 
So, if we’re trying to go against mother nature
and our own internal clock system
I guarantee you’re going to feel like crap.
And that’s what I want you to take away from this email series,
that you can get back in control
and start to feel better
just by optimizing your own internal clock.
I guarantee that half of your health problems will be solved just doing that.
That’s how much sleep is important!!!
and the way you set yourself up for success 
or failure is dependent on your daily routines.
Today is about the morning
and before we go into the summary
the morning has a special meaning too.
The morning is like a new beginning, which first, we cannot take for granted
and second if you start your day jumping into social media or answering emails
then you’re reacting to the day instead of being in control of 
how do you want to spend that day, if that makes sense. 
I’d like to spend 5-10 mins to gather my thoughts and feelings into my physical being,
so instead of start working straight away I would make sure that I’m okay first. 
and this is a big learning curve for me to keep prioritize myself. 
So, here are the bullet points;)
->>>Sun/Light Exposure To Stimulate Wakefulness (5mins whilst I’m doing all of these)
->>>Breathing To Increase Energy Levels
->>>Meditation For Calming The Monkey Mind 5mins (Can do these two together)
->>>Stretch/Movement 2-3 mins
->>>Write Down Thoughts/Feelings/Gratitude/Important Tasks To Do For That Day 5mins
All Of This Could Take 15mins.
Not More.
If you don’t have 15mins for yourself you don’t have a life.
That’s the reality. 
Even if some thinks it’s harsh.



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